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Ewa Laszczkowska
Warszawa, 02-798
tel.22 6483369
Tel.kom. 780-588-174
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PostHeaderIcon Welcome to the e-studio plastic.

I make images of contemporary paintings, custom portraits, book illustrations for children, religious illustrations. Contemporary paintings and modern paintings are the mainstream of my work. Subject matter of my paintings contemporary painting is unlimited. Paint horses, portraits, landscapes, nudes, flowers. My paintings are modern contemporary painting, characterized by detail, accuracy and realism. 

 My contemporary painting studio located in Warsaw. I do a lot of pictures on the individual order of any subject, as well as copies of images on demand. Some of my paintings "painting contemporary" is being displayed in galleries Warzszawy.Technika that I use, this contemporary acrylic painting on canvas stretched on a pine stretcher. 

Web gallery pictures modern oil paintings, acrylic "modern painting". 

 Presented acrylic and oil paintings are hand painted, oil paints or acrylic on board or hand-painted modern płótnie.Obrazy are beautiful complement to the apartment. Wide range of colors of my work "modern painting", improve the visual quality and moderate prices of my offer. You can order a painting of a picture presented of contemporary painting pictures or upload your own proposal. I can paint a picture in any other rozmiarzepoczynając from 20x40cm to 200x400cm. 

  A large part of my artistic activities are illustrations for books for children and dorosłych.Ilustracje to children's books have become my second passion. 


 He performed the most famous illustrations for book titles dzieci.Moje illustrations for fairy tales for children are "live" and "happy" colors, which particularly attracts the attention of children.